Zomato says can’t deliver ‘Bhang’ on Holi, Delhi Police reprimands


As social media is flooded with Holi posts and memes ahead of the festival of colours, a post by Zomato stating that they “do not offer bhang ki goli”, has gone viral. Twitter user Shubham has been repeatedly asking whether the platform delivers “Bhang Ki Goli”.

In response, Zomato said, ‘Someone tell Shubham of Gurgaon that we do not deliver cannabis pills. He has asked us 14 times”.


Delhi Police also joined the conversation, they posted: “If anyone meets Shubham…. If he consumes cannabis, ask him not to drive”.

The tweet caught the attention of many people on the platform and prompted several reactions.

“Hi @zomato, I live in Delhi not Gurugram. It has been a tradition to eat bhang every year on Holi, and also because my birthday falls on Holi. Please try to understand my situation,” a user replied to Zomato’s tweet.


‘Bhang’ is made from the leaves of the cannabis plant and is usually consumed during Holi as a cold drink or mixed with some food items. When the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act classified cannabis as a “drug” in 1985, it exempted cannabis on social and cultural grounds.

Despite efforts to legalize the recreational use of marijuana and related products, the Indian government does not budge. Meanwhile, Canada has approved the use of marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes. Because it’s legal, delivery apps including UberEATS have started doorstep delivery of marijuana in parts of Canada like Toronto.

– Written with inputs from IANS

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