Zomato creates shelter points with internet, washrooms for delivery partners


Zomato founder and CEO Deepinder Goyal on Thursday announced that it is building public infrastructure to support the entire gig economy and delivery partners from various companies.

The initiative, named ‘The Shelter Project’, will help delivery partners rest in places that will provide clean drinking water, phone charging stations, access to washrooms, high-speed internet, 24×7 helpdesk and first aid assistance.

“We recognize that delivery partners face a variety of challenges in the course of their work, from navigating traffic to delivering orders in inclement weather conditions,” Goyal said. “We believe that by giving all delivery partners a place to relax, recharge and take a few moments to themselves, we can create a better environment that promotes their physical and mental health,” he added.

According to the online food delivery platform, hundreds of delivery partners from different companies use these rest points.

“We already have two rest points in Gurgaon and plan to have more rest points in the dense cluster of our food delivery business,” Goyal said.

The company currently has over 3 lakh delivery partners across the country. The company’s adjusted revenue grew 66 per cent to Rs 2,363 crore (YoY) for the quarter ended December 31.

Goyal had said that the long-term opportunity remains large and exciting. “We continue to focus on our long-term growth vectors without worrying too much about near-term growth pressures,” he added.

The company added 23 million new customers in calendar year 22 as compared to 23.6 million in calendar year 21.


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