Zomato announces 10-minute delivery: See how fresh food can be delivered in 10 minutes

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Zomato food delivery times may soon be super quick. The company has invested heavily in Blinkit, a 10-minute grocery delivery company. Now, it is bringing a similar delivery model to its food delivery service in Zomato. The company has started a new service named Zomato Instant- a 10 minute meal delivery system,

This was announced by Deepinder Goyal, Founder and CEO, Zomato. Goyal explained the reason why the company planned to offer this service to the customers. He claimed that after becoming a frequent customer of Blinkit for 10-minute grocery delivery, he thought Zomato’s current delivery times were too slow. They claim that the 30-minute delivery window will soon become obsolete. The new Zomato instant service will start from next month with four stations in Gurugram.

In a blog, Goyal said, “Having become a frequent customer of Blinkit (one of Zomato’s investments in the Quick Commerce space), I began to feel that the average delivery time of 30 minutes by Zomato is too slow, and will soon become obsolete. . . if we don’t make it obsolete, someone else will.”

He further added, “The only way to survive (and therefore thrive) in the technology industry is to innovate and grow. And here we are… with our 10-minute food delivery offer – Zomato Instant.”

How will the new service work for freshly cooked food?

10-minute grocery delivery services have the advantage of systematically storing and sorting products. These products usually have a good shelf life. Even dairy products can survive for a day. However, it can be difficult to store freshly cooked food for immediate delivery.

Here’s how Deepinder Goyal explained the new service:

“Each of our finishing stations will have bestseller items (~20-30 dishes) from different restaurants based on demand prediction and hyperlocal preferences. Fortunately, the experience of placing 1.35 billion orders across India over the years makes our job a little easier.

impact on pricing

Goyal claims that the benefit of quick delivery will be passed on to the customers not only in terms of time but also money. The service will use something called demand predictability at the hyperlocal level, a model similar to 10-minute grocery delivery. Zomato claims that the price will come down significantly for the customer. Also, margin and earnings for restaurant partners and delivery partners will remain the same.

risk of quick delivery

One of the biggest criticisms of the instant delivery service is the risks associated with the promise of 10-minute delivery. Delivery partners are often on the front lines taking the heat of quick turnaround times. However, Goyal pointed out that this is not the case with Zomato Instant. Goyal said, “In order to fulfill the promise of fast delivery, we do not pressurize the delivery partners to deliver fast food. Nor do we penalize the delivery partner for late delivery. Delivery Partners are not informed about the promised time of delivery. Timing doesn’t adapt on the road, and doesn’t risk any lives.”

Goyal claims that the fulfillment of the speedy delivery promise depends on a network of dense finishing stations, located close to high-demand customer neighbourhoods. Prediction algorithms and in-station robotics are being used to speed up delivery times.

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