YouTube will soon introduce a new gesture for you so that videos can be easily scrubbed

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It would be much easier to skip a portion of a YouTube video. The video streaming platform is expected to introduce a new gesture that will allow you to easily navigate across the video timeline.

With it, you need to tap and hold anywhere on the screen and avoid the part you want to see.

YouTube scrubbing will be made easier

Identified by a Reddit user named U / FragmentedChicken, gestures will be enabled on YouTube if the screen is long pressed. A ‘slide left or right’ at the top will confirm the message. All you have to do is move your fingers in the progress bar and see the timestamp you want to see.

Currently, you need to tap on a video to show the progress bar and slowly go to the part you want to watch. However, this is not the easiest of the methods because it does not ensure any clarity and often it takes you to another part of the video.

The goal of the new gesture is to sort out this thing and help you see the part you want to see.

Photo: Android Police

Now before what is being offered, YouTube allows people to tap anywhere on the switch bar at a specific timestamp. However, it was canceled last year after people accidentally complained about the tap.

YouTube is expected to introduce one more gesture that will help you easily switch between the next and previous chapters of a video. This will be confirmed by double tapping on the screen with two fingers. Using this gesture on the right will take you to the next chapter and the same on the left will take you to the previous episode.

However, the new features are part of a server-side update and it remains to be seen when they will be available for use by people with Android or iOS.

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