YouTube will shut down YouTube Stories next month: Check out the alternatives to Stories


YouTube has decided to shut down YouTube Stories after June 26, 2023. The Google-owned video-sharing platform has announced that it has decided to do away with Stories to give priority to other key features of the platform such as community posts, shorts and Live. And take it forward. The option to create new Stories will disappear after June 26 and Stories already available on the Platform on June 26 will expire seven days after they are first shared on the Platform.

“Starting 26/6/2023 the option to create a new YouTube story will no longer be available. Stories that are already live on that date will expire 7 days after they were originally shared blog post,

What options are available to creators?

youtube community posts

YouTube said that Community Posts and YouTube Shorts “provide valuable audience connections and conversations.” YouTube community posts can be an option if creators want to “lightly update, start conversations, or promote” their YouTube content to their viewers.

Creators who use both Posts and Stories, according to YouTube, Posts are more popular driving more comments and likes than Stories.

YouTube recently expanded access to Community Posts to millions of new creators and revamped it by bringing “popular aspects of Stories such as rich editing tools, and the ability for posts to expire after 24 hours” .

According to YouTube, “Creators can strengthen connections with their viewers through polls, quizzes, and new engagement features including filters and stickers.”

youtube shorts

YouTube Short YouTube Stories can be another option. YouTube Shorts are similar to Instagram Reels, and they can be used to create short video content.

“Creators using both shorts and stories have many times more average subscribers on shorts than on stories,” YouTube said.

The Shorts camera has video tools from where creators can add text and filters and remix their favorite content on the platform. Recently, YouTube introduced the ability to reply to comments with YouTube Shorts, where creators can reply to comments posted on their channel with shorts.

YouTube has said it will continue to announce “new features for both Shorts and Community Posts” throughout the year.

“We’re committed to investing in new and innovative tools to help you grow your audience on YouTube,” said YouTube.

Meanwhile, YouTube is reportedly testing a ‘Samples’ tab in its Music app, which could showcase music video-centric shorts.

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