YouTube, Twitter, Facebook ban ads because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine


It has been more than three days since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with social media platforms including YouTube, Twitter and Facebook announcing ads on their respective platforms so that users are not distracted by irrelevant information. Here is a detailed description of how these platforms will now work for the “Russian State Media”.


according to a report by ReutersGoogle has banned Russian state-owned outlets from advertising and earning money on YouTube. According to the report, YouTube said in a statement that it is “withholding the ability to monetize multiple channels on YouTube, including several Russian channels affiliated with the recent sanctions.”

With this restriction, the channels in question, including RT, will appear very rarely in recommendations. They will also be banned in Ukraine due to “government request”. For those unaware, Ukrainian Digital Minister Mykhailo Fedorov previously requested YouTube to stop Russian propaganda on the platform.


Facebook has banned “Russian state media” from running ads and monetizing content on the platform. Facebook’s security policy chief Nathaniel Gleicher made the announcement on Twitter on Friday. According to his tweet, “We are now Preventing Russian state media from running ads Or monetize on our platform anywhere in the world. We also continue to apply the label to additional Russian state media. These changes have already started and will continue through the weekend.”

After this a Facebook blog was published on the same subject. According to the blog, “We are taking comprehensive steps to fight the spread of misinformation by expanding our third-party fact-checking capability to Russian and Ukrainian. We are providing more transparency around state-controlled media outlets.” , banning advertisements from Russian state media and monetizing their accounts.”

For those unaware, Russia has “partially banned” the use of Facebook in the country to censor four of its media outlets. According to Facebook, Russia’s technology and communications regulator ordered the social media platform “to stop fact-checking and labeling content from state-owned media”. However, Facebook refused to comply.


Twitter announced That it is temporarily blocking ads in Ukraine and Russia so that public safety information is more visible. According to the official tweet, “We are temporarily blocking ads in Ukraine and Russia to ensure important public safety information and ads do not distract from this.” Twitter has also highlighted some of the security measures it is taking for people in Ukraine.

The microblogging platform is “continuously reviewing the tweets to detect platform manipulation” and is taking “enforcement action” against them. Twitter is currently monitoring the accounts of journalists, government officials, activists and other high-profile accounts. However, Russia has blocked Twitter in the country, The Verge reported. The company has acknowledged that Twitter is being restricted to certain people in Russia.

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