YouTube is bringing streaming services to its main app with primetime channels


YouTube users use the platform to watch a wide variety of videos ranging from music videos to movie trailers to full-length movies. Now, the streaming giant has introduced a new functionality that will enable YouTube users to access multiple streaming services within the main YouTube app. The feature, called Primetime Channels, YouTube users will be able to sign up for, browse and watch TV shows, movies and live telecasts from various streaming services within the main app.

The new Primetime Channels feature will enable users to access more than 30 channels, including Showtime, Starz, Paramount+, Wix+, Tastemade+ and AMC+, from the app, the company said in a blog post. Interested YouTube users can subscribe to these channels directly from the YouTube app, after which they will be available as a part of the app’s interface. Check out the full list of streaming services available as a part of the YouTube Primetime channel here:

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“Once you sign up, content from your Primetime channels will appear in the YouTube experience you know and love. For fans who like to delve deeper into what they are watching, The homepage of primetime channels will feature curated trailers along with shows and movies, behind-the-scenes footage and cast interviews,” the company said. wrote In a blog post saying that the YouTube recommendations will include programs from primetime channels. The company also said that it will soon be adding NBA League Pass and more streaming services to the mix.

To subscribe to the available channels, YouTube users will need to visit the Movies & TV Hub within the YouTube app, where they will be able to subscribe to the channel of their choice by paying a monthly rent for the service. In a nutshell, YouTube’s newly introduced Primetime Channels functionality will let users access other services in the same way they’re able to rent movies and shows from other channels in Amazon Prime Video’s store. Except in this case, they will be able to access a channel and all the content available on it within the YouTube app.

As for availability, YouTube said the primetime channel will be available only in the US at launch. The company plans to expand this service internationally in the coming days.

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