YouTube finally introduces picture-in-picture mode for YouTube TV on iOS


YouTube is officially rolling out picture-in-picture support on YouTube TV. However, it is limited to only iPhone and iPad users who are using iOS 15 devices. The news was confirmed by YouTube on Twitter yesterday. In February this year, YouTube Chief Product Officer Neil Mohan promised that some features would be coming to YouTube TV in the coming months.

With the picture-in-picture feature, users can simply swipe up while watching a video and go back to the home screen. This step will not interrupt the video, as it will continue to play in a small picture-in-picture window that can be placed as per the convenience of the user. This will allow all YouTube TV viewers to multitask while watching videos on the platform. You can also leave the YouTube app and do other things while watching the video.

YouTube has clarified that users will be able to watch any show on their iOS device using the picture-in-picture feature. This feature is not just limited to on-demand video but also for Live TV. This feature for Unverse was introduced for Android users a long time ago. Surprisingly, iOS users are getting this feature for so long. However, it is only available for premium YouTube TV users.

At first, me MacRumors As per the report, Google is planning to bring the picture-in-picture feature to all users in the US, including users without a premium subscription. According to the YouTube statement, “We still plan to launch PiP in the US for all users without a YouTube Premium subscription. We don’t have any other updates to share at this time. In the meantime, we’ve also expanded our use of PiP to our premium users on iOS at as we continue to test and improve the experience ahead of launch.

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