YouTube expands ‘Analytics for Artists’ tool to help artists measure their performance


Google-owned YouTube has announced that it is expanding its “Analytics for Artists” tool, adding YouTube short-related data to the Total Reach metric, providing artists with an overview of how well their music is playing on YouTube. How to reach audience across all formats.

“As of this month, YouTube’s ‘Analytics for Artists’ total reach metrics include fan-uploaded shorts. This new metric shows how many people your music is reaching across all formats, making it the most comprehensive snapshot of an artist’s audience size on YouTube,” Liar Cohen, YouTube’s global head of music, said in a blogpost. said in.

The total reach metric previously only included official artist-uploaded content and fan-uploaded videos. In addition, Cohen noted that in January of this year, fan-created shorts increased the audience of the average artist’s unique audience by more than 80 percent.

In addition, artists who are active on Shorts saw over 50 percent of their channel subscribers coming directly from their Shorts posts.

The company further added that it “also created a new lyrics section in analytics to help artists see how fans are listening to or engaging with their music, across all video formats, all in one place”. Are”.


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