Yamaha may launch a new electric scooter in India early next month: View details


Yamaha may be planning to launch a new electric scooter in India. The company has reportedly shared an invite for an event in the month of April. However, there is no firm evidence pointing to an all-electric vehicle launch.

a report good Rushlen in an event on April 11th. The report shared an invite for the Yamaha event in April. The teaser doesn’t mention an electric scooter or any electric vehicle for that matter. It added, “Join us as we come together to bring a stylish, sporty and exciting new future to Yamaha.”

The teaser also reads “The Call of the Blue”. Although it is not a direct sign on electric vehicles, the color blue is often associated with electricity and electricity.

Which scooters can Yamaha launch in India?

Yamaha has already registered a name like E01 in the Indian market. The Japanese two-wheeler maker may also launch the electric scooter Neo which was recently launched in the European market. The company announced that it will launch the scooter in ASEAN countries in phases. However, there was no specific mention of an India launch.

The Neo is a smaller scooter that will be in the same segment as the 50cc ICE scooter. The new EV comes with a range of around 37 km. The scooter supports battery swapping technology.

The E01 is the more powerful of the two scooters. The E01 will be the segment equivalent of a 125cc scooter. This new product will be more capable of giving competition to the Ather 450 series and Ola S1. However, the limit may be too low.

With more and more players entering the Indian market, it makes sense for a player like Yamaha to enter the market. The brand is famous for its performance-heavy product line-up in India and the EV segment has started heating up in the performance segment as well.

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