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Xiaomi will turn off Xiaomi Cloud’s gallery sync, instead allowing users to migrate to Google Photos


Xiaomi It appears that Xiaomi is planning to discontinue its gallery sync feature to Cloud. Several global users are receiving a message asking them to migrate to Google Photos to continue cloud backup of photos and videos on their Xiaomi smartphones.

the creator caper scrzipec A note has been discovered by Xiaomi that tells users to turn off the gallery sync feature of Xiaomi Cloud. It states that ‘the gallery sync feature will no longer be supported by Xiaomi Cloud.’

Furthermore, it asks users to switch to Google Photos as Xiaomi is partnering with Google for photo and video backup. Note that this is only for the gallery sync feature which allows users to free up 5GB of space. In this 5GB, users can store photos and videos for free.

Now, though, if you want to back up your photos or videos to the cloud, you’re limited to Google Photos. If you are someone who has never backed up your images or videos on Xiaomi Cloud, then you need not worry.

Although there is no explicit mention of it, it appears that the removal of the feature is only for global Xiaomi users. This could mean that in China, the sync service for Gallery may still work.

Those who have paid for the subscription to Xiaomi Cloud and are using this feature will get a refund. However, the exact refund time or date of removal of Gallery Sync is not disclosed. But it will be closed this year only.

In addition to allowing the backup of Google Photos, Xiaomi Cloud users using the Gallery Sync feature can also back up their media locally. Xiaomi will allow such users to download their photos and videos for some time and then it will permanently delete all the media in the Xiaomi cloud.

In addition to photos and videos, messages, contacts and more can still be backed up to the Xiaomi cloud.

Xiaomi’s post to turn off gallery sync to Xiaomi Cloud, instead allowing users to migrate to Google Photos first appeared on BGR India.

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