Xiaomi teases new MI notebook laptop for India, wants to push rivals with Thunderbolt 4

Xiaomi teases new Mi Notebook laptop for India, wants to jolt rivals with Thunderbolt 4

With the launch of its first laptop in Realm in the coming weeks, Xiaomi Camp has responded with some counter launches. It turns out that the Redmibook launch was not enough for the company and so it now wants to bring an updated MI notebook laptop for India. There’s no name yet and no price, but Shaomi’s top brass on Twitter showed the new Mi notebook model a glimpse with the design and some specifics.

This Mi notebook laptop teased in the video seems to be a success for the Mi Notebook 14 Horizon Edition since last year. Reveals the aspect ratio of a display in the teaser, which seems to be 16:10. The silhouette finally gives in to the rendered design, showing the slender bezel all around but the webcam in the right place. This time, the new “xiaomi” logo sits on the chin.

New Mi Notebook model teased

The deck will end up in the same silver color as previous generation MI notebook models, and you’ll also see a compact keyboard. A follow-up tweet from the executive hints at a still body, although it seems unlikely because the aluminum alloy is a more popular choice for premium Windows laptops.


In another tweet, the presence of Thunderbolt 4 port has been confirmed in the new Mi notebook model. Thunderbolt 4 seems to be a big deal for both Xiaomi and Realmy on their upcoming laptops.

With the RedmiBook series of laptops taking care of the Rs 50,000 sub-segment, Xiaomi seems to be going for the more expensive segment with the Mi Notebook series this year. There are rumors that Realm itself will place the Realm Book Slim laptop in the sub-category of Rs 70,000 and Xiaomi will take a product in that segment.

RedmiBook 15 Pro

In the coming weeks, Xiaomi will spread more beans on new MI notebook laptops but it’s easy to predict their specification. Like the RedmiBook model, the Mi Notebook models can rely on the 11M General Intel processor, the highest quality model Core i7 chip is likely to get. Xiaomi may stick to their Mi Notebook model’s NVIDIA GPU for improved graphics performance on the Iris Xe graphics solution on the RedmiBook 15 Pro.

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