Xiaomi India loses steam in sales but retains top spot, Realme inches closer to Samsung


Smartphone sales in India increased in the first quarter of 2022. Smartphone sales have reached 38 million units in the first quarter of 2022. The industry has registered a marginal 2 per cent growth in overall sales as compared to Q1 2021.

Xiaomi retained its top spot but the Chinese brand lost some steam in comparison. The company sold 8 million units in the first quarter of 2022. The brand reported its second consecutive decline, coming from the fourth quarter of 2021.

Samsung came second with 6.9 million units, while Realme showed the highest growth among the top five smartphone brands. The Chinese brand sold 40 percent more units as compared to Q1 2021. It sold 6 million units. Vivo and Oppo completed the top five with 5.7 million and 4.6 million units shipped, respectively.

Here Q1 2022. The ranking of smartphone brands is given for

Xiaomi – 8 million
Samsung – 6.9 million
realme – 6 million
Vivo – 5.7 million
Oppo – 4.6 million
Others – 6.7 million
Total – 38 million

“It’s not a great start to the year for a market like India, which has seen double-digit percentage growth even during the pandemic,” said Canalys analyst Sanyam Chaurasia. “While most of the world’s markets battled the third wave of COVID-19 in Q1, the relatively weak impact on India would have helped it return to growth faster. But supply remained the biggest challenge for major vendors like Xiaomi and Vivo, and they were struggling to secure components for their volume-driving low-end models. In contrast, brands such as realme, Tecno and Itel performed remarkably well with solid supplies to pick up market leaders and meet low-end demand in Q1. ,

“Vendors are definitely taking steps to address the supply bottleneck,” Chaurasia said, adding that sales started improving from March. Channel companies are optimistic about selling in Q2 as vendors gear up for a strong festive quarter. They are also exploring opportunities in low-lying cities and towns in India, where device penetration is still relatively low. It is more important than ever for sellers to focus on building a long-term offline channel strategy.”

“The biggest challenge before the vendors in 2022 will be maintaining the affordability of the device,” Chaurasia said. “Oil prices in India are at an all-time high and wholesale inflation remains at 14.6 per cent in March 2022. Volatility in foreign exchange rates and higher operating costs due to inflation will, in turn, put further pressure on sellers to maintain profitability . . . But as consumers become increasingly dependent on their smartphones, enticing them with payment plans has never been easier, as many buy-now-pay-later partners are popping up throughout the ecosystem. The mass market will continue to be India’s growth engine, and having a healthy portfolio in the mid-to-low-end segment will be critical to maintain a strong consumer mindshare in 2022. Availability for smartphone vendors to be successful as many , strength and attractiveness will be necessary. Uncertainties lie ahead.”

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