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Xbox Series X / S may get future PlayStation 5 Inspired controller upgrades

Xbox Series X/S could get PlayStation 5 inspired controller upgrade

Is the Xbox Series X better than the PlayStation 5? This is a controversy that fans have yet to resolve for the next few years. Both of these next-generation consoles have undergone a lot of upgrades to take the gameplay to the next level. The Xbox Series X is more advanced in terms of raw performance but Sony got controller experience with DualSense. Microsoft knows this too and is now working on an answer.

Phil Spencer of Xbox has hinted to his team to work on hardware upgrades for the current generation of consoles. Recently Podcast In the Kinda Funny gamercast, Spencer praises Sony for a good job with the DualSense controller. He went on to say that the company could bring in some of Sony’s technology Xbox controllers. No specific releases have been released but it is clear what these upgrades are.

The new Xbox controller is planned

“We’re definitely thinking about different types of devices that could bring more games to more places. Perhaps there is some work that we will do on the controller. I think Sony did a great job with their controllers and we’ve seen a few of them … are there any things we should do? Spencer says.

In 2020, Microsoft released the Xbox Series X and Series S consoles with a slightly modified controller. Compared to the old Xbox One controller, the Series X and Series X versions got a new share button as a new feature. The rest of the stuff, including haptics and layouts, remains unchanged. The black is reserved for the Series X while the white comes with the Series S.

We reviewed the Xbox Series X in 2020 and were impressed with the controller performance despite nothing new. In fact, many in the gaming community consider the Xbox controller to be the gold standard, with just the right kind of haptics and button layouts.

However, we did try the Sony PlayStation 5 and the advanced haptics in dualsense bring immersion to the next level. As the console market becomes more competitive, Microsoft will certainly want to improve the regulatory experience for more people to enter the Xbox ecosystem.

The Xbox Series X sells for Rs 49,990 with a single controller in India, while the series controller sells for Rs 34,990. Both the consoles are very rare in India at the moment, Microsoft has not yet commented on this.


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