Windows 11 users need to install two important updates immediately


If you are a Windows 11 or Windows 10 user, drop everything and update your PC first. Microsoft has released an update that fixes the vulnerability in both operating systems. The security flaw, called “acrolips,” could allow miscreants to recover edited portions of screenshots. This screenshot editing flaw can, thus, potentially reveal sensitive information that you edited or cropped from the screenshot.

Microsoft said the screenshot editing vulnerability, which was first spotted by bleeping computer, affecting both the Snip & Sketch app on Windows 10 and the Snipping Tool on Windows 11. The issue, named CVE-2023-28303, however, affects screenshot images that were saved after a set of very specific steps. According to ledge, Screenshot images that were taken, saved, edited and then saved replacing the original were affected. The report states that images taken and opened in Snipping Tool were modified and then saved at the same file location.

latest updates The Snip and Sketch tool on Windows 10 and the Snipping Tool on Windows 11 are available for download through the Microsoft Store. Go to Store and then click on Library. Now click on the Get Updates option on the top right corner of the app window. You will see updates for the affected apps as per your Windows version. If you have automatic updates enabled, the Microsoft Store should automatically download and install the app. In that case, you need to make sure that the latest version of Snipping Tool is 10.2008.3001.0 while the latest version of Snip and Sketch Tool would be 11.2302.20.0.

But it prevents the vulnerability from potentially being exploited in the future. If you recently used affected apps to edit screenshots and then posted them online, they may be vulnerable to exploitation by hackers. However, according to Microsoft, the vulnerability has not been exploited so far and the potential for exploitation is low.

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