Windows 11: Microsoft Paint, Photos, and other stock apps are probably getting a new design

Windows 11: Microsoft Paint, Photos, other stock apps likely getting a new design

Windows 11, the successor to Windows 10, is expected to be released in October. Although the new iteration is built on the same basic architecture as the previous iteration, Microsoft has made some notable changes such as the ‘new Windows subsystem for Android’, features like widget access directly from the taskbar, Xbox. According to the latest report, Microsoft is talking about redesigning almost all of the old features, including photos, calculators, offices and even paint.

Windows 11: Microsoft Paint, Photos, Office, Notepad Probably Getting a New Design

Windows latest It has recently been suggested that Microsoft’s stock apps such as Clock, Voice Recorder, Calculator, Office, Notepad, Photos and Paint will get a new design in Windows 11. Menu for a smooth header similar to the new File Explorer. According to photos shared through the publication, Microsoft Paint on Windows 11 will have a simplified toolbar. The Undo / Repeat buttons appear next to the ‘File’ and ‘View’ options in the header. Overhaul will add common icons to perform basic tasks. The Redmond-based company is probably making these changes to the latest Windows operating system to be compatible with modern-day machines.

Speaking of the Microsoft Photos app, Windows latest Citing that it will be a new interface and improvements. The MS Photo app is said to have a new editing tool that will float on top of an image, which we see in Android and iOS apps. It is said that a new outlook is also working. In addition, applications with the Microsoft Teams client for Windows 11 will probably be built based on the Microsoft Edge webviewer.

For release, Windows latest The new Windows OS is expected to be released between October and November, according to a new document from Microsoft.

Microsoft’s document states, “Partners may factory-install components that are compatible with Windows 10, version 2004, in order to be compatible with the Windows 11, version 21H2 release.” Windows latest).

Microsoft is expected to launch stock apps updated to Windows 11 next week for user feedback. The report states that the update for manual installation on supported devices may be released in October 2021 with a larger rollout early next year.

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