Windows 11 is now in the “reliable” beta version, allowing Dev channel users to switch

Windows 11 launch could happen in October 2021 but your PC maybe unlucky

Windows 11 has been available to members of the Windows Insider program Dave Channel for some time. We tried it a few weeks ago and it seemed fresh yet inconsistent and unreliable. At the time, users could only get Dev Build and those looking for a stable version had to switch back to Windows 10. Microsoft has now launched Windows 11 on the beta channel.

This means that you can enjoy the novelty of Windows 11 without sacrificing much of the functionality of your PC. If you’re in Windows 10 right now, you’ll need to enroll in the Windows Insider program and opt for the beta channel. A huge Windows 11 update will hit you with the Windows update soon.

Windows 11 is now in beta

For those who dare to make unstable releases on Dev Channel, Microsoft Giving You switch to “more reliable” beta with a simple click; The OS will not be reinstalled again. Just go to the Windows Insider program under Windows Update and choose the beta build.

Microsoft says the beta build is more reliable and feedback on this will be taken seriously. Therefore, later this year you will be told what features it will create in the final version of Windows 11. The leaked documents indicate the launch for Windows 11 in mid-October, which Microsoft also hinted at.

Note that Windows 11 is not yet available in the Release Preview Channel. Therefore, you should still think twice before placing the beta version on your initial work PC. The OS may still be unstable and may contain bugs that may affect your day-to-day use.

With Windows 11, Microsoft has gone for a new design approach for PC OS. Refreshment is the new start menu of Windows 10. Mobile users may find it more interesting at this time.

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