Windows 11 Initial Preview: Windows gets younger

Windows 11 early preview: Windows goes young

We were satisfied with Windows 10 as our PC operating system and out of blue Microsoft decided to open Windows 11 on us. Originally conceived with the Sun Valley 21H1 update for Windows 10, Windows 11 has emerged as another marketing move to increase PC sales among older users as well as younger ones with particularly stringent hardware requirements.

This stringent requirement may make you wonder if you need to plan to upgrade to a new Windows 11 compatible PC later this year. Does the new app have Windows 10, or some true upgrade below? Does it make existing PCs faster? Is it easy for Windows 10 users to adapt?

To find out, I’ve been using Windows 11 Developer Build on Dell XPS 13 (11) for a while now.Th General Intel) (review coming soon). Note that our system specifications include an 11Th General Intel Core i7 GHz processor, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD, a 3: 4 4K display, and Intel Iris X graphics.


In keeping with the decades-old tradition, Windows 11 has made some big visual changes to your PC. The most notable comes in the form of a redesigned and redesigned Start Menu: All Your Favorite Apps and Activities. The priority now is to put the necessary things in the spotlight instead of the entire application list in your mouth.

Windows 11 Start Menu

Therefore, pinned apps dominate the top half of the Start menu, so you can pin your preferences for quick access. The bottom half gets the recommended applications and activities, which use AI to determine which application you use the most. The Account Profiles section now deals with functions related to your Microsoft account, while accessing system power options is easy.

This is a glimpse of Microsoft’s complete design direction with Windows 11. The idea is to simplify the layout and allow people to quickly access what they consider important. It looks like the Windows 11 designers took a lot of inspiration from the Android tablet interface and threw something of their own.

Windows 11

Windows 11 notification pane

Therefore, in just a few hours of using Windows 11, I was able to get the job done faster. The Partition Action Center makes it easier to organize notifications individually and get your own space on the calendar, and the Settings bar is faster than what you experience in iOS and Android, for example, it’s easier to toggle Bluetooth connections as well as adjust brightness. It makes more sense on touchscreen displays. Cortana is gone from Windows but the search section has remained unchanged from Windows 10.

The new design also applies to Windows Explorer with rounded windows and space-out elements. Microsoft has added fluid animations to MacOS, just quick and concise. Before the launch of an application taskbar, it was not the case with Windows 10 using PC refreshing, small details like its stimuli, fancy effects of floating windows and much more.

Windows 11

Windows 11 settings

As you dive deeper into the settings menu, the new design begins to evolve naturally. It is inspired by all tablets, with larger buttons and an easy-to-understand layout. I was worried at first not to rely on the control panel but the new settings app drove them away within minutes. All your preferred options are now reasonably added under blank named parts. If you find yourself technically challenged, the new Settings menu will make it easier to change settings like the Control Panel.

Microsoft is trying to push its own adoption of Google Now feeds in the form of widgets panels. The layout is more similar to the iPadS14’s Widget Pen, where the Weather and Money widgets are the only valid widgets. The rest of the boxes are just shortcuts to news items that open in the Edge Eyes browser; Good for news writers for us. In short, this Widgets pane is trying to make you rely more on your PC for the faster browsing activities you can perform on your smartphone.

Windows 11

Windows 11 widget

The rebuilt MS Team application and its integrated form could not build it into a developer build. Additionally, the Microsoft Store is still not hosting Android apps from the Amazon Store; This may take several months to arrive.

Overall, Windows 11 compares the PC OS experience with the modern smartphone generation; The PC is now feeling like a part of the mobile world. It basically carries all the Windows 10 features but presents them in such a way that you start using them actively.


During the July 24 launch event, Microsoft promised to upgrade performance with Windows 10 Those are visible in current developer builds. Dell XPS 13 is more interested in opening and hosting Windows 11 apps than Windows 10. Compared to that the PC boots a bit faster and there are very few hacking apps. For example, the Microsoft team now opens like a regular app without having to spend a lot of time.

Windows 11

Windows 11 personalization

I was unable to run the benchmark test on the Windows 11 build but I managed to play some games that showed a gain in frame rate. For example, Mafia: The defined version ran in Windows 10 with minimal graphics settings (resolution, texture, and effects). In Windows 11, the game was able to achieve a frame rate of up to 25 fps on average in low-medium settings combos. A similar frame rate gain has been noticed in Codemaster’s F12020 sole. This is impressive for any PC that relies solely on Intel Iris X graphics.

The Auto HDR feature is a great move if gamers want to make the most of their old games. At F1 2020, the Auto HDR feature has improved the colors and created for a lively gameplay experience. This makes me hyped about what DirectStore can do to improve compatible games and loading speeds.

Windows 11

Windows 11 Multitasking

Another area that helps use is multitasking. The new layout feature provides four default layouts as standard. When working on reports based on certain documents or covering an event, I can quickly open up to four apps in an efficient multi-window format with the “Maximize” button. The “Multiple Desktops” option from Windows 10 turns it into Windows 11, but it’s easy to access.

Since it is a developer build, there were occasional bugs with common system functions, one of which was reduced battery life. XPS 13 typically operates for 7-8 hours under office workload with Windows 10 With Windows 11, that number drops to a maximum of 4 hours. So, those who want to try Windows 11 on their initial work PC should be careful before getting the update.


Windows 11

Windows 11 is undoubtedly the biggest change since the release of Windows 10 in 2015, and has done an admirable job with Microsoft updates. The new design and layout is making it easier with generic computing stuff while performance improvements are certainly exciting for gamers and pro users. The design changes are fresh as the possibility of running familiar Android applications still familiar to existing Windows and Android phone users may also keep PCC relevant. These improvements are important not only for new PC buyers, but also for existing PC users on older hardware. And this leads us to the primary and most important question: consistency!

Windows 11 is a great move from Windows 10 and it’s a shame that it won’t come on PCs older than four years. I understand Microsoft’s position on security and this is definitely a good move for the future. However, the need for TPM chips and processor limitations has left a large portion of older PC users able to use performance gains to extend the life of their PCs. It would be nice to see Microsoft find ways to support its older and loyal PC users in the same fashion with Windows 11 as with Windows 10.

All in all, Windows 11 paves the way for an exciting future for Microsoft PCs and is probably a great way for more people to use Windows machines. If you’re on a very old Windows PC right now it’s definitely worth upgrading to a compatible PC For those who have a compatible PC, you shouldn’t hesitate to upgrade once it’s rolled out later this year.

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