Windows 11 Hack: How To Disable ChatGPT In Windows 11 Search Bar


Microsoft revamped its Bing search engine earlier this year with the integration of a generative AI model – ChatGPT. The new versions of Microsoft Bing and Microsoft Edge were launched to the public in February this year. At the time, Microsoft said the new search engine offered better searches, more complete answers, a new chat experience, and the ability to generate content.

Further expanding the integration of ChatGPT into its products, Microsoft has a blog post Published back in February this year, it had announced its plans to bring AI-powered Bing to the taskbar on Windows 11.

“We take the next big step forward, adding incredible extensibility and ease of use to Windows PCs by implementing a typeable Windows search box and the amazing capability of the new AI-powered Bing directly into the taskbar. All your search needs for Windows in one easy-to-find location,” Microsoft said at the time.

According to Microsoft, through this update, Windows 11 users can get access to search, chat, answer questions and generate content directly on their Windows taskbar.

ChatGPT can be an incredibly useful tool for Windows 11 users. However, if you don’t want to see Bing on the search bar with ChatGPT. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can disable it.

How to Disable ChatGPT in Windows 11 Search Bar: Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Click on Start Click on the Menu and Settings icon.

Step 2: Go to Privacy & Security Settings is located on the left side of the homepage.

Step 3: Under Privacy and security, go to search permissions and click on it.

Step 4: Under more settingsYou’ll see show search highlights, toggle off show search highlights,

This is how you can disable ChatGPT on Windows 11 search bar and repeat the above steps if you want to enable it again.

Meanwhile, at the SU+GSV event in San Diego, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates predicted that in the next 18 months, AI chatbots will help children learn to read and write and that it will be more affordable for parents Those who cannot afford tutor for this. Their children, thus providing a level playing field.

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