Windows 10 Hack: How to reset your PC to factory settings


Windows 11 is the latest operating system in town. While it is faster and better than Windows 10, it also requires a specific set of hardware requirements, which not all personal computers running Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 may have. There’s still some time before Microsoft ends full support of Windows 10. You have until October 14, 2025 to be precise. Even then you may want to upgrade to Windows 11, which may require you to give up your old PC and buy a new one. So, if you find yourself in such a situation and you are looking for a way to factory reset your Windows 10 PC before giving it up, here is a detailed guide that will help you out:

How to reset your Windows 10 PC to factory settings

Step 1: Open your Windows 10 PC and then click on the Start button.
Step 2: In the menu that opens, click on the Settings app.
Step 3: In the Settings app, click on the Update & Security option.
Step 4: In the Update & security setting, click on the Recovery option.
Step 5: Under the Reset this PC section, click on the Get Started button.
Step 6: In the next screen, you have to choose one of the two options:
– If you want to remove all your apps and settings but keep all your personal files, select the My files option.
– Select the Delete everything option if you want to remove all your personal files, apps and settings or in other words clean your PC.

Since you want to factory reset your PC, choose the Remove everything option.
Step 7: In the next screen, you need to select an option to reinstall windows on your PC.

  • Select the Cloud download option if you want to download a fresh copy of Windows 10 from the Internet. This option may use a lot of data and it will not reinstall apps and tools provided by the device manufacturer.

  • Select the Local restore option if you want to reset your PC and install the version of Windows 10 already available on your PC.

Step 8: Select one of the two options and then click on the Next button.
Step 9: In the screen that appears, click on the Change settings option and toggle on the Delete files from all drives option and click on the Confirm button.
Step 10: Now, select the apps which you want to delete and which you want to reinstall after the reset.
Step 10: Now, click on the reset button.

Once you hit the reset button, your PC will be wiped clean of everything, and the new version of Windows 10 will be installed on your PC based on your selected settings.

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