WhatsApp working on subscription service for businesses


WhatsApp is, as of now, free to use for all. Whether you are using its app, WhatsApp Web or its specialized platform for businesses, i.e. WhatsApp Business, this service can be used by anyone at no charge. But that is about to change as the company is working on a subscription service for select users, as part of which users will have to pay a minimum fee to get access to specific features.

According to a report by WABetaInfo, a blog that tracks growth in the messaging app, the meta-owned platform is working on a subscription plan for WhatsApp business accounts to provide additional features to businesses. “For example, you know you can typically link up to 4 devices when using multi-devices, but if you subscribe to their new plan, you can link up to 10 devices,” the report said. You can link.”

Furthermore, the report states that even though WhatsApp is working on a subscription plan, it does not mean that all WhatsApp Business account users will have to pay to use the app when the feature is released. “The subscription plan is completely optional and it provides additional services for business accounts, such as Twitter Blue for Twitter,” the blog site wrote, adding that the feature will also be optional for business account users.

Simply put, the subscription plan will provide additional benefits to WhatsApp Business users. To gain access to those features or benefits, users will have to pay the required subscription fee under the plan. And if they don’t want specific benefits offered as part of a subscription plan, they can choose to ignore the feature altogether. The messaging app will remain free to use for all other users and WhatsApp Business users who do not opt ​​for the plan.

It is noteworthy that more details about this scheme are still unknown. It does not mean whether the company plans to offer annual or monthly subscription plans and how much these plans will cost. Also, the report states that the subscription plan feature is not available on the Business app right now. It is possible that WhatsApp will make it available for beta users with a future update.

A WhatsApp post working on a subscription service for businesses first appeared on BGR India.

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