WhatsApp will soon let you easily join missed group calls

WhatsApp will soon let you easily join group calls that you missed

WhatsApp has a feature that people are expected to get soon for the purpose of smoothing things out. The latest addition to the “pool of expected features” includes a number of improvements for WhatsApp calls.

This includes a new modified calling UI for easy accessibility and the ability to easily join calls. How will it work? Let’s take a look at it.

WhatsApp to bring new changes for calls

As suggested WabetaINfo (Which is a reliable source for WhatsApp of all things), the popular messaging app is testing the join feature for group calls in the new call. It will become part of the ongoing group calls at people’s convenience, which is not available right now.

Image: WabetaINfo

Here’s how it works: If you’ve received an invitation to a group video or audio call and you missed it, you no longer have to manually access the call. This feature lets you see the new ‘Tap to Join’ banner in the app’s call section, which allows you to join the call to prevent others from joining (it’s still on).

While this isn’t a major feature, it will keep people away from starting calls or getting in trouble or waiting for an invitation to gossip sessions with their friends at the end.

Then comes the new calling UI, which will be similar to the FaceTime UI. The idea is that the various options (loudspeaker, mute and many more) are easily accessible. The new UI also presents a new ring option and the changed position of the end call option.

WhatsApp calls new UK

Image: WabetaINfo

The new feature is now a part of WhatsApp in iOS beta version and is expected to reach Android beta users soon. But it remains to be seen when it will be available to the general public.

In related news, WhatsApp for iOS is also testing a Snapchat-inspired camera feature that allows people to send missing photos and videos that must be viewed once the option is enabled.

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