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WhatsApp will soon launch end-to-end encrypted backups on Android, iOS

WhatsApp to soon roll out end-to-end encrypted backups to Android, iOS

WhatsApp recently announced that it will soon launch end-to-end encrypted cloud backups on Android and iOS. This will help you encrypt your chats as part of a WhatsApp backup even though they are stored on a cloud service. As a reminder, the app has been providing end-to-end encrypted messaging features to its users since 2016, and this is just an extension of it.


The end-to-end encrypted backup feature will soon be launched next week on both Android and iOS devices. This will be provided as an optional feature, which users can manually enable inside the app. Here we will see how the end-to-end encrypted backup feature will work and how you can enable it when it is available.

How will an end-to-end encrypted backup work?

On Facebook Blog post Said it has created a new system for encryption key storage for Android and iOS. Once the user has turned on the feature, their backups will be encrypted with a unique, randomly generated encryption key. They can secure the key manually or with a user password.

The company says that if a user chooses a password, the key will be stored in a backup key vault based on a component called a Hardware Security Module (HSM).

Whenever an account owner needs backup access, they can access it with their encryption key, or they can use their personal password to recover their encryption key from the backup key vault and decrypt their backup.

The HSM-based backup key vault will make the key permanently accessible after a limited number of failed attempts, to deal with the attempted abuse. WhatsApp says it will only know if there is a key, but it will not know the key itself.

How will WhatsApp save the encryption key in the backup key vault?

WhatsApp will use its front-end service, ChatDy, to manage client connections and client-server authentication, and implement a protocol that sends keys to its servers and backups. During this time, the user’s smartphone and HSM-based backup key vault will exchange encrypted messages. The company states that these messages exchanged between the client’s phone and its server will not be accessible in ChatD.

To ensure that encryption keys are handled correctly and that they are always available, the company says the HSM-based backup key vault service will be distributed across multiple data centers geographically. This will help keep the backup keys active and running in case of data center confusion.

HSM-based backup key vault and encryption and decryption process

Once a user chooses to protect their end-to-end encrypted backups with a personal password, their key will be sent to the HSM-based backup key vault to keep it safe and secure.

To recover a key, a user must follow the steps provided:

  • Enter the password, which will be verified by the backup key vault.
  • The backup key vault will then return the encryption key to the user’s smartphone.
  • Now, users can decrypt their end-to-end encrypted backups using smartphones.

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