WhatsApp will now let you save disappearing messages but conditions apply


Meta-owned WhatsApp on Friday introduced ‘Keep in Chat’ feature that will allow users to long-press on a message in a disappearing message thread and save it. WhatsApp calls this the “sender superpower”, and it will be the sender’s choice to allow others to keep certain messages for later in the chat. Disappearing messages or chats come with a time limit for how long the messages can remain visible for the recipient, but ‘Keep in Chat’ will let you keep important messages before they disappear.

“Anyone in a disappearing message thread can long-press on a message to keep it. The sender will be notified if it was saved and can decide whether to save it,” Meta founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a statement. whether it disappears or not.

While this extra layer of privacy protects messages from falling into the wrong hands, sometimes there’s a voice note or important information you want to keep. For this to work, the sender will be notified when a message is placed, and the sender will have the ability to veto the decision.

“If you have decided that your message cannot be kept by others, your decision is final, no one else can keep it and the message will be deleted when the timer runs out. This way you have the final say in whether How the messages you send are secured,” WhatsApp said.

Messages you’ve saved on your WhatsApp will be noted with a bookmark icon, and you can view these messages, organized by chat, in the Kept Messages folder. The company said that the new feature will be rolling out globally in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp has started rolling out the sticker maker tool on iOS. Like its web counterpart, Sticker Maker for iPhone will let you create stickers from any photo by trimming the sides. But the sticker maker tool is available on iPhone models running iOS 16. WhatsApp hasn’t said whether it plans to roll out the feature to models running lesser operating systems. It is also unclear whether this feature will be available on Android.

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