WhatsApp will get five new features in the coming months


WhatsApp Working on new features which are planned to be introduced on the platform soon. Before rolling out the features to the public, they are tested for beta users.

Around five key features have been seen in the beta update, which is expected to launch to the public in the coming months.

1. Chat with yourself

WhatsApp is testing a feature that lets you chat with yourself. Now, this feature is already available, in case you didn’t know. If you’re alone in a group, you’re technically chatting with yourself, though, so you’ll need to create a group, add a person, and then have them in your personal space to start chatting. Will have to remove

With this feature, however, whenever you tap on the Create Group button, you will see an option that says ‘Message yourself’ which will allow you to talk to yourself. This feature can be useful as you can use WhatsApp as a note-taking app for your personal thoughts or use it to store your personal thoughts.

2. Forward media with captions

Many times you forward images or photos to others, but you want to add a caption to them. However, this is not possible on WhatsApp right now. Now, with the new feature coming soon on WhatsApp, you will be able to forward media.

With this feature you can express your opinion or write something about the image or video that you are forwarding.

3. Avatar

Remember Memoji? Well, this feature is available in instant messaging apps like Messenger by Meta. Now meta avatars are coming to WhatsApp for the masses. This feature is currently being tested in beta with select users.

The Avatar feature lets you create your own personal avatar and create a set of stickers based on your avatar. These stickers can be used across platforms and your avatar can be set as your display picture.

4. Profile photo in groups

WhatsApp will soon roll out an update after which you will be able to see the profile photos of others in the group. Right now you are seeing only names, but soon the profile picture of the person messaging you in the group chat will be visible.

This feature is also in testing and was seen in the beta update.

5. Media Auto-Download to Desktop

This feature will auto-download images, videos, audio files and documents to WhatsApp Web just like the phone. This feature is in trial for both Windows and macOS.

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