WhatsApp to support group reactions, 32 member voice calls and more: View details


WhatsApp has announced several new features for its groups. The new features for WhatsApp Groups will be rolled out in the coming weeks but the company has already provided details about what to expect. The Meta-owned messaging platform also announced the Community feature, where groups can be organized into a larger community.

The new WhatsApp group features that have been announced include React, 32-member voice-calling, 2TB file transfer and more rights to group admins. These features have been announced, but they will start rolling out to users only in the next few weeks.

Know here what are these new WhatsApp group features


WhatsApp will introduce a feature that will be inspired by both Facebook and Instagram. In the past most users responded to messages and media by sending one-on-one responses. However, users will now be able to react to the same message through emoji. People can quickly share their opinion without sending tons of new messages to reply to.

file sharing

WhatsApp is increasing the file sharing limit to support files up to 2GB. WhatsApp claims that they are doing this so that people can easily collaborate on a project. The details regarding the format of the files will be revealed before the official roll-out.

admin control

Administrators will have more authority over their group. Group admins will be able to remove incorrect or problematic messages from everyone’s chats. Limits and exceptions, if any, will be disclosed at a later date.

big voice call

This is one of the biggest features offered today. WhatsApp groups will be able to conduct up to 32 people in voice calls. This is a major upgrade from the 8-member range. To accommodate members, WhatsApp will change the way call participants are shown on the screen. WhatsApp is using wave graphics to label different members.

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