WhatsApp released 2022 recap video, here are the top 5 features we loved


2022 is coming to an end and it is time to sit back and take a look at all the things that changed our lives this year for good. We definitely cannot leave WhatsApp as it is an important part of our life. With new features added over the past few months, our chatting experience has improved. From the ability to react to your friends’ status to avatars, WhatsApp users have loved all the features.

WhatsApp is celebrating the positive response and feedback it has received for all these features through a recap video. Will Cathcart, head of WhatsApp at Meta, shared the video on Twitter with the caption that read: “2022 was our biggest year yet. Our team was very excited to build out the community, reactions, polls, avatars, 32-person video calling, and more. He also teased that “a lot more” is coming next year.


WhatsApp has introduced a variety of features this year, and each one of them has changed how we use the app on a regular basis. We’ve picked the top five features we liked the most:

Reactions: We all love to check what our friends, family and relatives are doing in their lives. The best way to do this is by checking their daily status (WhatsApp’s version of stories). So when you love a birthday party celebration where you couldn’t go, you feel like responding without putting it into words. That’s where reactions help. With a few emoji you can tell the person if you love that party. There are only a few emoji available that you can send as a reaction for now, but WhatsApp is expected to add the ability to choose any emoji next year.

vote: Remember the days when a group was divided on whether to play indoors or outdoors and the only way to resolve the dilemma was to toss a palm? Those groups are now on WhatsApp but sadly hand shaking is no longer possible. Voting is what solves the issue. Unsure about what to cook for dinner? Post a poll in your family group where everyone can vote for their favorite dish. Just like that, you can contest for anything and do what the majority wants.

Listening while chatting: Until now, WhatsApp didn’t allow you to chat and do other things inside the app while listening to voice notes. As soon as you leave the chat screen with the voice note on, it stops playing. Earlier this year, WhatsApp did away with that inconvenience by letting you listen to voice notes outside of chats. You can chat with anyone, upload status and change your profile photo while listening to the notes. I think this is a small but very cool change in the way we use voice notes on WhatsApp.

Linked Device: This is probably the feature most users wanted: the ability to use one account across devices without signing out. WhatsApp introduced Linked Devices earlier this year so you can access your chats on any device. This could be another phone, your PC, your MacBook, a browser, or a tablet. All you need to do is link WhatsApp on the secondary device to your primary device using the QR code. Once linked, the secondary device can run independently, provided it has an available Internet connection. This also means that you can access your chats even when your main phone is off.

Leaving groups silently: Let’s be honest. We have all been a part of the situation where we were unwantedly lumped into a group. Sure, you can change the setting to apply a permission layer before someone can add you to a group. But when you turn it off, it is embarrassing to leave the group because a notification appears after leaving the group. Another case is when you had a fight with a group member and you want to leave it for good. With the new feature, you can leave the group silently. No one except the admin will know that you have left the group as no notification of your leaving will be sent to the group.

While there are many other features that are a part of WhatsApp recap videos, we liked these five. Is your favorite feature missing from this list this year? Let us know in comments.

After WhatsApp released its 2022 recap video, here are the top 5 features we first saw on BGR India.

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