WhatsApp predicted 2022 tech trends: multilingual chatbots, digital payments and more


As 2021 comes to an end, popular messaging platform WhatsApp has predicted six new trends that users in India should see in the coming year. According to WhatsApp, “In 2022, the trends that will shape India’s journey to become a digitally inclusive and economically empowered society will come from the most simple, accessible and scalable technology solutions that bridge the urban-rural divide and enhance the local level.” have the power to address. challenges.”

Here is a list of trends that WhatsApp users in India should pay attention to in 2022:

civic engagement and governance

WhatsApp is planning to focus on citizen engagement and governance next year. It will introduce new state-level WhatsApp chatbots that will provide users with authentic information from relevant resources. According to a statement by WhatsApp, “In 2022, we expect more innovation in effective governance and efficient citizen engagement by city and state administrations, thus reducing barriers for citizens to access reliable, authentic and useful services.” We do.”

Digitization of small and micro businesses

WhatsApp revealed that “15 million businesses in India rely on WhatsApp’s Business app to connect with their customers”. For those unaware, the WhatsApp Business app is a free app that provides tools and features to help small and micro businesses connect with their customers digitally. WhatsApp reveals that this digitization has given entrepreneurs across India, especially women in rural India, access to a customer base and helped them grow and grow their businesses, further bridging the gender digital divide has gone.

multilingual chatbot

Multilingual chatbots are something that WhatsApp users rely heavily on these days. According to the messaging platform, these chatbots offer a more natural and customized user experience. In 2022, the platform will focus on these chatbots to improve its localization efforts as it can be crucial for businesses to be successful in a country as diverse as India.

digital payment

As RBI is encouraging the people of India to go cash-less, it is the right time for WhatsApp to improve its digital payment services. According to WhatsApp, the collective goal for players in the digital payments ecosystem in India is to enable (a) access to digital payments, digital banking services, micro-finance and (b) easy and secure transactions with service providers and businesses.

WhatsApp says that “Payments on WhatsApp” will be a key partner for NPCI and RBI in achieving the shared objective of “adopting UPI and enabling financial inclusion for underserved people”.

UI/UX Simplification

WhatsApp revealed that the number of internet users in rural India will surpass the number of users in urban areas by 2025. Most of them are first time users in rural India. Products and services with a simple UI/UX will reduce barriers to better understanding for first time Internet users and marginalized communities. This will help accelerate the digitization of the Indian economy.

More traditional sectors to take the digital route

In the coming year, traditional sectors such as education, healthcare, banking and financial services will have an opportunity to scale up their services and reach India’s rural population using transformational technologies that are efficient and are cost effective.

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