WhatsApp now makes chat transfer much easier between Android and iOS

WhatsApp now makes chat transfer between Android, iOS super easy

WhatsApp is ready to make our lives a lot easier. The popular messaging platform has finally launched WhatsApp chats for us to transfer from Android to iOS and vice versa without any hassle.

The feature, which has been rumored to be running for some time and is arguably the most requested, will allow them to transfer their entire chat history when they change their operating system. If this is what conspires you, here are the details.

WhatsApp chats can now be easily transferred

With the new WhatsApp feature, you can easily take your voice notes, photos and messages from one phone to another. This process is considered safe and will not require a long process.

Although details of how it will not be fully available, we hope it will be an option that will appear when the user switches to Android or iOS. Before people start using the app on their new phone, they can get all their chats instantly. To recall, the feature was previously seen in the beta version of the app.

Sandeep Paruchuri, product manager of WhatsApp, said in a statement, “Your WhatsApp messages are yours. This is why they are stored on your phone by default and are not accessible to many other messaging services like Cloud. We’ve been overwhelmed for the first time so that people can easily transfer their WhatsApp history from one operating system to another. This is one of our most requested features from users over the years and we’ve worked closely with operating system and device manufacturers to fix it.

The feature will be available on both Android and iOS devices to smooth things out for both parties. However, Android users will get a major start because the functionality will be available to them initially. The latest Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 will get it first. Following this, it will reach iOS users to transfer their chats to Android.

We will give more details on the same subject when they leave.

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