WhatsApp now lets you retain captions of photos, videos before forwarding


After initially testing it for a few days, WhatsApp has now rolled out the ability to add captions to photos, GIFs or videos before you forward them to other contacts. Until now, WhatsApp didn’t let you keep the caption of a photo or video before forwarding it, so what you did was to send the caption separately as a text message after sending the photo. The alternative was to copy the photo and send it separately with a caption instead of forwarding directly from someone’s screen. With the new Captions feature, you can get rid of all that.

We at BGR India were able to access the functionality, but it only worked on WhatsApp’s iOS app. WABetaInfo has confirmed in its report that the feature to add captions to the photos and videos you forward is now available on Android instead of iOS. Since the feature is a useful one, I don’t understand why WhatsApp would keep it exclusive to iOS and not roll it out for Android and other platforms like Windows and macOS.

How to add captions before forwarding an image or video

It is a simple process. When someone sends you a photo or video, you can forward it by long tapping on it. On iOS, a menu pops up below or above the photo with a “Forward” option. Tap on Forward option and then select the contact to whom you want to forward the media item. On the same screen, you will see the photo caption at the bottom. You have the option to remove the caption by tapping on the X icon at the top right corner of the dialog box. This way you can retain the caption of an image or video before forwarding it to other contacts.

While the feature is nifty, it still doesn’t allow you to change the caption. As per previous reports based on testing of the functionality, users could change the caption of the image or video before forwarding. The text box available next to the media item allows for deleting preset content and adding your own content.

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