WhatsApp Multi-Device Feature Beta Launched for All iOS Users: Report

WhatsApp  multi-device feature beta starts rolling out for all iOS users: Report

WhatsApp has finally started introducing multi-device features for all its iOS users. This feature allows users to use a WhatsApp account across four devices. These four sessions include a device running a MacOS / Windows computer, a Facebook portal, or a WhatsApp web session. It does not allow users to link a secondary phone to their account.

WhatsApp multi-device feature for iOS users

According to a report, the company has started introducing multi-device features with its latest update XDA Developer. The report states that the company displays multi-device prompts in the Linked Devices section. Once a user agrees to join, the app logs them out of all currently connected sessions, and then they need to scan the QR code again to link the devices.

Once a user links to a new device, WhatsApp will take a few seconds to sync all messages. Once sync is complete, users can then use the app independently on the connected device, even if their phone is off.

So far, users can link up to 4 devices to a WhatsApp account, and none of them can be a phone other than the main phone. WhatsApp will soon add iPad and Android tablet support to this feature.

Note that some features may not work if you join a multi-device beta. This includes features such as calling people using older versions of WhatsApp.

The report further states that this could be a geo-limited or slow roll-out.

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