WhatsApp is testing the ability to add up to 1,024 people to group chats


WhatsApp It is widely used in India and it gets new features from time to time. The app allows group admins to add up to 512 people to a group, which was recently increased from 256 people. Having more people in a group is great for sharing information with everyone at once, but what if the group is created for an organization with multiple employees? For that, you may need more bandwidth and WhatsApp is working on exactly that. It is now testing a limit of 1,024 people in group chats, allowing people to share information with multiple people at once.

According to WAbetainfo, WhatsApp is testing the ability to add more than 512 people to the existing group chat. The new limit will reportedly allow administrators to add up to 1,024 people to a group. This feature is currently being rolled out for beta users, however, it is not for all beta testers. Only a few beta testers are getting it.

If you are a beta tester of WhatsApp, then you may get to see this increased group limit. You can just try adding people to a group and if you see a limit of 1,024, you’re lucky enough to get past it quickly.

For others, you may have to wait. Also, for those who are not beta testers, you can sign up for it from the app itself. Once you are in the beta program, you will receive such or any new features that WhatsApp plans to test before making it public.

Coming back to the new limit, the ability to add 1,024 people seems insane, however, it could help WhatsApp compete with other instant messaging apps such as the One. Wire, Telegram, as of now, has a limit of 200,000 people in a group. Although the new limitation of WhatsApp is not like that of Telegram, it still seems to be more than enough for now.

WhatsApp is testing the ability to add more than 1,024 people to a post group chat that first appeared on BGR India.

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