WhatsApp: How to use Image Blurring Tool on Desktop


WhatsApp Recently, Blur tool has been rolled out for some of its users. The Blur feature is only available on WhatsApp Web and allows users to blur parts of the image before sending it. This feature can be useful for Office users as they can quickly blur some unwanted parts of the image without opening any third-party software. This feature is also useful for someone like me who adds stickers on images to hide parts of the image.

Having said that, this feature is also bound by Meta’s privacy policy as you can keep unwanted things private. As with all the use cases of this tool, here is how you can use this feature.

how to use whatsapp blur tool on desktop

step 1: Open WhatsApp Web or directly tap on the link below web.whatsapp.com,

step 2: Log in to your WhatsApp account by scanning the code.

step 3: Now, WhatsApp for Desktop will open which will allow you to chat directly on your web browser of choice. Tap on the chat to which you want to send the image.

step 4: Open the image by tapping the attachment button, then selecting the photo icon at the bottom (it’s colored in light purple).

Step 5: Once you’ve opened the image and want to blur some part of it, tap the 5th blur icon in the row of options above the image. It’s next to the crop icon and next to the pencil icon.

Step 6: After tapping on the blur tool, you should see a blur box on your image. You can resize it and change its type; There are two types – Pixelated Blur and Gaussian Blur. Select the type of blur and resize the blur area as you wish. Once you are done, you are ready to send your edited image.

In this way you can easily blur some parts of the image on WhatsApp Web.

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