WhatsApp Features: This is where you can get these great features soon

Cool WhatsApp features that should be introduced soon

Would you like to remind me of a meeting? Just need to talk through a video call on WhatsApp? WhatsApp it. Want to upload a new selfie? Keep it as a WhatsApp status. The bottom line is that WhatsApp is securely fixed for what we need. It monitors our communication needs well

Since we can never go to any messaging platform other than WhatsApp, it has existed for decades and will continue to do so in the future. Even now, WhatsApp is expected to get a lot of new features that include multi-device support and much more.

This is when I turned on my fantasy mode and imagined such a WhatsApp. A number of features came to my mind that could cool things down for us in the hope that the app could include them soon. If you want to know, read on.

Claim Denial: These are features that, in my opinion, should be added to WhatsApp to make it easier and more fun to use. This is not something that is definitely coming.

WhatsApp features that can cool things down

One is when we can change the chat name

If I say that WhatsApp is the one where it can spend most of its time, the chances of disagreement will be less. This is where most of our conversations take place. So, why not add a personal touch to it? So, if the messaging platform adds the ability to rename individual chats for individuals.

Yes, you can simply change the name of a person on your contact list. However, this feature will keep things on WhatsApp. Snapchat users can stay private in it. This will allow you to give a stimulus name to someone on WhatsApp while officially holding it for other apps, let them know when a call from that person pops up.

It can be added to the ‘Copied Features’ list but is a great way to personalize chats.

One is when we can change the theme

This is something that is available to people on Instagram. So, why isn’t it very sibling? This is another way to customize chats and will serve as an extension of the option to change wallpapers available in individual chats. I can imagine this feature allowing me to change the color of the name, choose from more theme options and change some fonts.

This, combined with the ability to chat with a window name, will help people differentiate their WhatsApp from how it will appear to others. Have fun!

One of the more featured ones for the stories

Facebook has now copied the Snapchat Story feature to all of its platforms, perhaps to make sure people are having fun. Much like how Instagram stores retain a ton of interesting features, something similar could be introduced for WhatsApp.

If we try to use more filters (including AR filters), add more stickers, the ability to create boomerangs directly from WhatsApp and get more loads, it can make things fun for us. And what if we could create and post reels from WhatsApp soon! This could help make WhatsApp stories more popular than ever.

One with a separate chat lock

App locks have helped us keep things private and confidential from people who have a habit of keeping them secret Already has this feature for his messenger app.

This feature will eliminate the need to download individual application locks. If you’re wondering how this would work, I imagine it’s a 4-digit pin for chat and even group.

When one has something like memoji?

This is a feature that can be taken from Snapchat again but can be fun. Ability to create your own bitmoji or memoji for WhatsApp. It can be added to WhatsApp’s QR code feature which allows you to give a separate identity to WhatsApp, which is also one of Facebook.

So, you can customize your WhatsApp avatar, add your favorite hair and accessories and share with the people you want to add to the messaging app. In my head, although it is called WhatsAppmoji, WhatsApp has not revealed any plans for it.

Where I am is WhatsApp and something similar with me

This is a feature I was thinking of and WhatsApp could be added soon. I’m talking about a feature that allows you to send photos and videos once they’re done. Again it is inspired by Snapchat. However, it can serve as a great alternative to chats whenever added so you don’t want to hold on for more than a few minutes.

The app is testing a beta of the feature and it may launch soon for Android and iOS.

Which one do you want to try on WhatsApp? Let us know in the comments below!

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