WhatsApp chief has condemned Apple for tracking the iPhone for child sexual abuse photos

WhatsApp takes on Apple over its new Child Safety Software Plan

Facebook’s WhatsApp cross-messaging platform on Friday rejected Apple’s latest child safety software plan. WhatsApp chief Will Cathcart has taken to Twitter to express concern about Apple’s new child safety feature, which scans users’ images to find offensive images.

WhatsApp has exploded on Apple with new child safety tools

In a Twitter thread, the head of WhatsApp said that Cupertino technology’s plan to tackle child sexual abuse content (CSAM) had gone astray and that it was a “push for people’s privacy around the world.” “We will not accept it on WhatsApp,” he added.

Significantly, Facebook-owned messaging platform dinged iPhone makers when Apple announced plans to release its child protection software tool designed to collect and report child sexual abuse images. The plan will be unveiled as part of a series of changes to the iPhone to protect children from sexual abusers. Apple notes that this step will help encrypt user data and run analytics on the device. In addition, it will allow users to report to the authorities if a child abuse image is captured.


Although tech insiders have criticized Apple’s plans, Cathcart called the approach “highly relevant” and said it would “rule out different ideas.” Will be done.

Apple has long needed to do more to fight CSAM, but the approach they are taking brings a lot to the world. Instead of focusing on making it easier to report content shared with people, Apple has developed software that can scan all personal photos on your phone – even photos you haven’t shared with anyone. It’s not privacy, “said Cathcart.

The WhatsApp chief noted that the company has stepped up its efforts to fight CSAM and reported more than 400,000 cases to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) last year without compromising encryption protocols.

In addition to the WhatsApp head, other technology experts such as Edward Snowden, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney, the Electronic Frontier Foundation have also expressed concern and said the plan could lead to abuse by the government or ‘bad guys’.

WhatsApp’s response to Apple is fairly understandable because changes to Apple’s privacy with Zuckerberg’s company as a result of changes to ad tracking software (iOS 14.5) are detrimental to small businesses. Although Apple is known for its strict policy on protecting users’ privacy, critics believe the new approach could raise questions about the company’s long-standing reputation.

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