WhatsApp adds Happy Rakhi Sticker Pack for users in India: How to download and send

WhatsApp adds Happy Rakhi sticker pack for users in India: How to download and send

WhatsApp has added a special protection bond 2021 sticker pack for iOS and Android users. Users can simply update the WhatsApp mobile app, download the sticker pack, and then click on the sticker as much as they like the most. To send, users simply have to press the send option. The Happy Rakhi Sticker Pack is made by Kushiania.

Let’s take a look at how the Happy Rakhi Sticker Pack added to the instant messaging platform for Rakhi Bondhan 2021 can be downloaded.

How to download Happy Rakhi WhatsApp Sticker

Step 1: Update the WhatsApp app first. Go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
Step 2: Once the app is updated, open it on your mobile phone.
Step 3: Open a chat
Step 4: Click on the sticker icon.
Step 5: Then click on the ‘+’ icon.
Step 6: Go to the ‘All Stickers’ tab and you will be able to see a list of sticker packs available there.
Step 7: The first one will be happy! Sticker pack.
Step 8: To download the pack, click on the down arrow icon next to the sticker pack.
Step 9: The pack will be added to my stickers tab.
Step 10: You can now select the sticker of your choice and click on the Send option.

If you don’t like the sticker pack provided by WhatsApp, there is a way to download Rakhi Sticker Pack from third party apps in Google Play Store. Third party sticker packs are only available for Android users in the Google Play Store because the App Store guidelines are strict and all developers can publish their apps on the platform.

How to download Happy Rakhi WhatsApp Sticker Pack from third-party apps

Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your phone and then open a chatbox
Step 2: Click on the chat box and tap on the emoji icon there
Step 3: Tap the “+” option
Step 4: Scroll down and click on “Get more stickers”
Step 5: The page will take you to the Google Play Store
Step 6: Search for WhatsApp sticker packs in Google Play Store. A number of third-party sticker pack apps will show up, you can install the corresponding app on your phone. In this case, select the protective binding or rakhi sticker pack
Step 7: The selected sticker packs will be added to the My Stickers section of the WhatsApp app
Step 8: You can now select the appropriate sticker and send it to your contacts.

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