What does Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella think about your never ending work day?


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has warned that employees’ well-being could be seriously affected as an average working day becomes longer and employees start working at night to get their jobs done.

Speaking at the Wharton Future of Work conference earlier this week, Nadella said that managers need to set clear criteria and expectations for workers so that they are not pressured to answer emails late at night. “We think of productivity through collaboration and output metrics, but well-being is one of the most important pieces of productivity,” Nadella said.

“We know what stress does on workers. We need to learn soft skills, good old-fashioned management practices, to take care of the well being of the people. I can expect that our people get an email from the CEO over the weekend and don’t feel like they have to respond,” he said.

Nadella was referring to a recent report by Microsoft which talked about the rise of ‘triple-peak day’. According to the report’s findings, the 9 to 5 workday is fading away in an era of remote and hybrid work and more flexible hours. Traditionally, knowledge workers have two peaks of productivity in their workdays: before lunch and after lunch. However, since the introduction of work from home mode amid the pandemic, a third peak emerged a few hours before bedtime, which researchers began to refer to as ‘Triple Peak Day’.

The report also noted that the boundaries between “office hours” and everything else have thinned over the past year and a half. And many people have started working till late at night to concentrate and get the work done.

Asked if he refrains from sending emails over the weekend, Nadella shrugged off the question, saying, “I’m learning every day.”

Nadella told the conference that Microsoft has brought about 50,000 employees on board during the pandemic and people, especially in the technology sector, are demanding more flexibility in where and when they work.

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