Want blue ticks on Instagram? Be prepared to pay more than Rs 1,000


As Twitter moves to the next step of snatching blue ticks from legacy verified accounts and monetizing checkmarks under Twitter Blue Subscriptions, Meta has expanded its own paid verification program to India. Launched in February, Meta Verified will be available to users in India at a cost of over Rs 1,000 for single verification, compared to Rs 900 monthly for Twitter Blue.

according to a reports By Indian Express, a user will have to pay Rs 1,450 per month for single verification on the mobile app, while subscribing on the web will bring the cost to Rs 1,099 per month. This is much higher than the Twitter Blue price in India. On Android and iOS, Twitter Blue costs Rs 900 per month or Rs 9,400 per year, but on the web it costs Rs 650 per month and Rs 6,500 annually.

The monthly cost for Meta Verified covers a single account on the same platform, meaning you’ll need to pay for verification of your Instagram and Facebook accounts separately.

Meta Verified will not only add the coveted blue tick next to your name on Facebook and Instagram but will also tighten security by limiting other users from impersonating a verified account as verification will require a government-approved ID. The report added the membership, which will currently apply to adults’ personal accounts, will offer customer support, “exclusive extras” and “enhanced access” to the platform. Meta Verified is currently not available for minor and business accounts.

Meta Verified membership is currently in a testing phase, which is why you will need to be on a waiting list to become eligible for Meta Verified. Meta hasn’t specified a timeline for when the service will be available to all users. You can join the waiting list by visiting the META website.

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