Vivo may soon have to stop selling its phone in Germany: Here’s why


Vivo may be forced to suspend its sales operations in Germany due to its ongoing patent dispute with Nokia. This news comes shortly after Oppo announced that it is ‘putting’ its business in Germany on hold due to patent issues with Nokia.

According to a report by GSMArena, the district court of Mannheim in Germany has ruled in favor of Nokia in a patent case against Chinese smartphone maker Vivo. The lawsuit revolves around a patent for a component of 4G technology that Vivo uses in its smartphones.

Vivo responded to the court’s direction in a statement saying it is committed to continued innovation through extensive research and development and that it plans to suspend sales and marketing of its products “if necessary”. .

“We note with disappointment the decision of the Mannheim Regional Court and prepare to suspend the sale and marketing of the relevant products through official channels of Vivo Germany,” the company said in its official statement.

In its official statement, Vivo said that over the years, it has ‘entered into mutual licensing agreements with several leading companies’. “We are in talks with Nokia on renewal of the mutual license, but have not yet reached an agreement,” the company said.

In addition, Vivo said that while it is trying to negotiate a deal with Nokia to renew its license, it ‘strongly believes that Nokia has yet to grant the license on “Friend” terms. have not fulfilled their obligations. For those unaware, FRAND terms in Germany focus on fairness, being fair, and being non-discriminatory.

Vivo says it is preparing to appeal against the decision made by Germany’s Mannheim Regional Court and Will. In the meantime, it plans to “continue talks with Nokia” to bring the matter to a conclusion according to “Friend” terms.

The company says that the ongoing patent dispute with Nokia in Germany will have no impact on other markets around the world. “There is no impact on our business outside Germany,” Nokia couple,

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