Vivo laptops with 11th General Core i3, Core i5 laptops may be launched soon

Vivo laptops with 11th Gen Core i3, Core i5 laptops could launch soon

Xiaomi made laptops last year and Redmi jumped this year as well. Realm plans to do the same with Realm Book Slim later this year. Therefore, it is not surprising to hear that Vivo is doing laptops. In fact, if you believe some recent rumors, Vivo is conducting a survey of its first laptops across the country. And, these could have 11 featuresM Similar to the General Intel processor, the Redmi Book laptop.

Surveys have shown that Vivo plans to bring two models of different sizes. The company plans to offer two processor options from Intel 11, Core i3 and Core i5M General Series. The rest of the details are unavailable at the moment. The leak says that Vivo may launch it soon after the X70 series of smartphones, which is expected soon when IPL 2021 relaunches.

Must use vivo laptop 11M General Intel Chips

The tip comes from Yogesh Brar a Report 91 from mobile and vivo has not yet made an official announcement on the matter. Therefore, you should not blindly believe it and wait for Vivo to issue a statement. Like Realm, Vivo is rumored to be bringing a tablet device and a laptop. Considered to be equally stable in Vivo and Realm, Vivo’s laptop may be based on the Realm Book Slim.

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In addition to laptops, Vivo is also working to launch a smartwatch with the Vivo X70 series in India. Not much detail is available about the Vivo smartwatch but it could be based on several RTOS-based watches from sibling companies.

With laptops, the Vivo can go the same way as the Xiaomi. The compact model with a smaller display is likely to be powered by both the Core i3 and Core i5 models and may be the target of the premium segment. This model may be reserved for a more affordable portion, similar to the Redmibook model we saw from Xiaomi this year.

Although Vivo has not yet revealed the details on its laptop, Realm has revealed enough. Realm Book Slim, as it is called, will have USB-C charging and very few ports. The laptop is expected to have a 4: 3 aspect ratio display. It will launch in Silver and Blue.

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