Vivaldi web browser becomes first web browser for Android Automotive, no sign of Chrome launch


Android Automotive is an operating system (OS), which runs directly on the in-vehicle hardware. While the OS is popular among car manufacturers, it did not have a web browser. Finally, a web browser has finally made its way to the OS, and no, it’s not Chrome.

Vivaldi web browser is now available on 11-inch displays of all Polestar 2 vehicles. Vivaldi is a fully functional web browser that comes with support for tabbed browsing, media streaming, ad blocker, note-taking function, tracking protection and translation tools.

Vivaldi may have beaten Google in the race to launch a web browser for Google’s Android automotive operating system, but that now seems inevitable before the launch of Chrome for the platform.

Considering the security and privacy restrictions, Vivaldi has implemented security measures, which allow users to access the web browser only when the car is parked. However, if the user starts driving, the streaming content will continue in audio mode. Another security feature is that users are unable to download any type of files using the browser. While Vivaldi hasn’t disclosed why the system has been put in place, it appears to serve the purpose of keeping malware out of the system.

The company has also revealed that it does not store any browsing data inside the car infotainment system. However, it will allow users to log in to their Vivaldi account to sync browsing history across all platforms. It has also promised regular software updates similar to its other customers.

Vivaldi browser is currently available for Windows, macOS, Linux and Android platforms.

The web browser is currently only made available for Polestar 2 cars, and the company hasn’t revealed when it will arrive in other cars with the Android automotive system. All you can do is head over to the Polestar 2 Play Store and download the Vivaldi browser to your car infotainment system.

Vivaldi web browser becomes the first web browser for Android Automotive, no sign of Chrome launch first visible on BGR India.

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