Vi Rs 449 Prepaid Plan Now Offers 4GB Data, Free Zee5 Premium Subscription

Top 5 Vi prepaid plans under Rs 100 in India

VI 449 is one of the most popular prepaid plans currently available in the country. Formerly known as Vodafone-Idea, the telecom operator is now offering double data and other additional benefits under its existing Rs 449 prepaid plan.

Telecom operators have redesigned the popular prepaid plan to offer more at the same price. Reconstruction was marked by the first prepaid plan Telecom Talk Website

Vi Rs 449 plan has been redesigned

The new features are listed on all official websites as well as the Official V app available in the App Store and Google Play Store. According to the banner displayed on the website, users were previously offered 2GB of data per day under the Rs 449 prepaid plan. The reform has doubled the daily data facility to 4GB. This definitely makes the prepaid plan the best if you are working from home or your children are attending their classes online.

Also, Vi Rs 449 prepaid plan now also offers free Zee5 OTT subscription plan for one year. The addition of a free Zee5 subscription definitely persuades customers to choose the plan.

The rebuilt VI449 prepaid plan offers free night data from 12pm to 6am, weekend data rollover options and access to V Movies and TV app subscriptions. Just like before, VI Rs. The 449 prepaid plan offers unlimited voice calling facility and 100 SMS messages per day on all networks. The plan comes with a 56-day validity.

Vi Rs 267 plan has been launched

VI has recently launched another prepaid plan priced at Rs 267. Under the Rs 267 prepaid plan, VI users get 25GB of data, unlimited voice calling, 100 SMS per day and all with 30 days validity. Similar to other VI prepaid plans, it also provides access to V Movie and TV apps.

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