Valorant Episode 6 Act II brings Gekko, a Los Angeles-based agent who has pets for potential


Riot’s Valorant is getting a new agent named Gekko in the upcoming act of Episode 6. Episode 6 Act II of Valorant begins this week and will include a new Battle Pass with Agent.

The new Agent Gecko will be from Los Angeles and will have a crew of dangerous creatures that he will use for abilities. As you might expect, he will have core abilities and an ultimate ability.

In this article, let’s take a closer look at the Agent’s capabilities and the release date of the new Act.

Agent Gekko: All you need to know about the new Valorant agent

Gekko will be the initiator helping his team to capture a site on the map. Gekko will have different pets around him that will clear his way, allowing the whole team to enter the site.

Round (E): This will be the agent’s first ability. Upon pressing ‘E’, Gekko will throw his turtle-like pet, which will release blinding plasma at enemies in front of his line of sight. The effect of blind plasma will last for a few seconds.

Wingman (Q): Upon pressing ‘Q’, Gekko will release another creature called Wingman, which will fire a solid blast towards the first enemy in sight. Players can fire ALT when targeting the spike site, so the creature can defuse or plant the spike. Once the Wingman expires, he will revert to a passive globule and can then be retrieved, and after a short cooldown, the ability will be charged and ready for use. .

Mosh Pit (C): Mosh is another animal that Gekko can drop as a grenade. Mosh will be a small green jelly-like creature that will jump and explode over a marked area, dealing damage to enemies.

Thrash (X): Finally, upon pressing X, Gekko will do his best. Thrash is an armored fish-like pet that will explode to capture enemies. Like Wingman, Thrash can be retrieved as a globule.

Episode 6 Act II of Valorant will start on March 8 at 9:30 AM IST.

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