Valerant Chamber Sentinel Agents: Abilities, Ultimate, Episode 3, Act 3 Release and more

Valorant Chamber Sentinel Agent: Abilities, Ultimate, Episode 3, Act 3 release, and more

Wright has added a new agent to the Games roster, Chamber, which comes with a customized arsenal of weapons. The creator has released a special trailer to showcase the new character’s unique look and his power kit

The agent who looks like an assassin is a well-equipped classy weapon designer who has unique skills like other agents in strategic FPS games and takes advantage of his customized arsenal to hold lines and pick enemies from a distance.

According to the developers, the chamber takes inspiration from the archetype of “gentleman killer”. After Kiljoy, Chamber arrives as Sentinel-class agent and joins Sentinel Agent, Sage, and Cipher. The chamber involves disguised secondary weapons as power, and its gameplay revolves around “extremely lethal, precision”.

“That feeling was its thematic core: the idea that the distance to the shot, the wind, the type of powder in the ammunition, all these subtleties must be taken into account in order to land the perfect hit,” Wright was quoted as saying.

Chamber, Valerant’s new agent: detailed breakdown of his power kit, release and more

Final – Tour de Force

Activate a powerful, custom sniper rifle that will kill the enemy in any direct hit. Killing the enemy creates a long-lasting field that slows down the players inside it.

C – Trademark

Place a trap that scans for enemies. When a visible enemy comes within range, the trap counts and then destabilizes the terrain around them, creating a long-lasting field that slows down the players caught inside it.

E – Reunion

Place two teleport anchors similar to Yoru’s Gatecrash capabilities. When on the ground and within the range of one anchor, reactivate to quickly teleport to another anchor. The anchor can be restored.

Question – Headhunter

Activated equipped with a heavy pistol. Alt fire with pistols equipped to target sights.

The Chamber will join the Valerant roster on November 16 and will be included in Patch 3.10. For the new Battlepass season, it will go live with the 3.09 patch.

When new agents were added to the game along with the new law, the riot had to be delayed due to some problems with the character.

“As far as development is concerned [Chamber], It was clear to us that they were not in the quality bar you came to expect from us. This is why we chose to keep the agent for an additional two weeks, while we worked to smooth out those final aspects. Sometimes the last 10% of the work really combines the previous 90% of the work. Our concern is gameplay clarity, as the visual indication of what the agent is doing was not yet perfect. A game like Valerant where decisions are made in milliseconds, these aspects must exist. It wasn’t an easy decision for us, and I hope you understand when we’ll take the extra time to roll out the final loose ends, “said Valentine’s character producer John Goswick in an earlier blog post.

Valentine Episode 3, Act 3 will be released on Tuesday, November 2, Act 3 will bring a new battle pass to the game.

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