Using Stock Apps To Spy On Your Husband? There is bad news for you

Using stalking apps to spy on your husband? There   s bad news for you

This is the first time Google has done something like this. A new report says Google has removed a number of stockware ads from the Play Store that promote spying on spouses. These stockware ads promote applications that allow users to spy on their spouse. This goes against the Play Store policy and guidelines.

Stalkerware apps are usually disguised as fake apps with suspicious access to messages, call logs, location and other personal activity.

Once downloaded, people re-use these apps to spy on their spouse’s smartphone.

“We do not allow advertisements promoting spyware for partner surveillance. A Google spokeswoman told TechCrunch on Monday that it had “immediately removed ads that violated our policy” and would monitor emerging behaviors to try to avoid “bad actors” in our identification system.

The report found that a number of stockware apps could successfully evade Google’s ban on such apps by using a variety of strategies.

Google updated its Play Store policy in October last year to ban the Stalkerware app.

Google has said that such apps that send personal information from the device without adequate notice or consent and do not constantly display notifications of what is happening will be banned from the Play Store.

“In a nutshell, this is spyware that is loved by cripps, jealous ex-partners, and those who have no hesitation in attacking privacy in the hopes of tracking what and with whom they are doing.” Post

However, Google has allowed apps that parents can use to track their children.

A recent report by cybersecurity firm Kaspersky claims that some people are trying to digitally control the lives of their close partners, and in India, about 62 mobile users have been found to be victims of stackware.

In 2020, a total of 55,380 mobile users worldwide were affected by stockware. In 2019, Kaspersky discovered 67,500 infected mobile users.

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