Upcoming Features of WhatsApp: Responses to new messages in chat bubbles, take a look at new features that may be launching soon

WhatsApp upcoming features: A look at new features that could launch soon

WhatsApp often pushes updates with new features and improvements to keep its users connected to the platform. The popular messaging app, owned by Facebook, has an estimated 2 billion users, and the reason for staying close to users is the free text, the option to share and send files.

WhatsApp is well known for making occasional changes to the platform to increase its functionality. The Chat app recently released the long-awaited Chat History Transfer feature and added a Payment Background feature. Interestingly, lots of features could come along the way, as WhatsApp tracker WABetaInfo shared insights about some of the features that are in beta mode.

Upcoming WhatsApp Features: Message Response, New Chat Design for iOS and more

WhatsApp web message response: WhatsApp Web will soon get this Instagram-like message response feature. Such as WABetaInfoThat being said, this cross-messaging platform is working on this WhatsApp web feature for both Android and iOS. The WhatsApp Web Message Response feature is currently under development. This will basically allow users to respond in the form of specific images, which are given on Facebook and Instagram. Obviously, the feature will be launched on both the WhatsApp desktop and the WhatsApp web platform.


WABetaInfo Citing that this feature will ensure that messages can have an infinite amount of responses, but if a message has more than 999 responses, it will read as a “999+” response. The process of sending a response to a specific text is called end-to-end encryption. Also, the WhatsApp web message responses mentioned in the outlet will be available not only for groups, but also for private chats.

WhatsApp new chat design for iOS: In addition to the new WhatsApp web feature, the chat app has been seen to test chat bubbles for the iOS platform. The new design is already under beta app for Android users. According to WABetaInfo, the feature will be pushed to iOS soon. The new design of WhatsApp beta version for Android shows a big chat bubble with background color change.

WhatsApp new archive on multi-devices: A new archive is expected to launch another feature. WhatsApp Tracker has been quoted as saying that WhatsApp has released a new archive that can be found when you use a multi-device. The feature is currently in beta, which means it will be released in a stable version soon.

Report on WhatsApp feature: Another feature identified by the outlet is reporting to WhatsApp which will forward the last 5 messages when reporting a conversation. Although the feature has already been enabled by update, the number of reported messages has now been changed with the new beta update. The report of WhatsApp feature for Android update has been seen in beta.

Separately, Facebook-owned company Netflix has released a new animated sticker pack called Sticker Heist, inspired by the popular Spanish thriller series Money Heist. The new sticker pack contains a total of 17 stickers.

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