Twitter’s new label for verified users is both welcome and annoying


As April Fools’ Day came and passed, the blue checkmarks on Twitter remained for legacy verified accounts and Elon Musk had yet to remove them and charge those users $8 (Rs 900 per month in India) to stay verified. Had to pay

Almost all legacy blue check marks were intact on Monday, two days after Musk’s deadline.

A new verified tagline for Legacy Blue users now reads: “This account is verified because it subscribes to Twitter Blue or is a legacy verified account”.

The Twitter CEO said on Sunday that verification of accounts would help a lot. “We are adding the date of verification to the profile. Note, date since paid verification only counts as there was so much corruption with legacy checkmarks in the past,” he tweeted.

Musk has removed only one blue badge — the one for the New York Times account that posted it wouldn’t pay $8 for Verified Blue service with verification.

Twitter’s CEO posted, “Okay, we’ll take it down.”

However, Twitter may still remove the legacy blue check mark (unless it really was an April Fool’s Day prank).

According to Musk, starting April 15, only verified accounts will be allowed to appear in ‘For You’ recommendations.

“Starting April 15, only verified accounts will be eligible for recommendations for you. This is the only realistic way to handle advanced AI bot swarms. It’s a hopeless losing battle otherwise. Voting in elections would require verification for the same reason, he said last week.

Musk said, “That said, it’s okay to have verified bot accounts if they follow the terms of service and don’t impersonate a human.” Meanwhile, a recent report revealed that half of the Blue service’s subscribers have less than 1,000 followers on the platform.

Twitter is reportedly planning to give a free $1,000 checkmark to the top 10,000 organizations based on follower count.

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