Twitter’s much-anticipated editing feature likely to monitor tweet history


Twitter has been a hot topic for a number of reasons for some time now, including the announcement of the much-anticipated Edit Tweet button for Tweets. However, there is a possibility that there are some strings attached to this feature. As reported by developer Jane Manchun Wong, this feature is likely to leave a digital trail of tweet history.

In simple words, when someone edits a Tweet, Twitter will create an entirely new Tweet while preserving its previous versions. According to Machun Wong’s tweet, “It appears that Twitter’s approach to editing tweets is irreversible, as instead of replacing the tweet text within the same tweet (same ID), it creates a new tweet with the modified content.” Rebuilds, as well as a list of old tweets prior to that edit.” It is not yet known whether this tweet history will be visible only to users or it will be public for others to view.

A screenshot of the Edit Tweet feature shared by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi shows that the feature will appear in the three-dot menu located in the upper right corner of the tweet. Selecting the “Edit Tweet” option will take you to the Tweet Composer that is pre-filled with your Tweets. You just need to make the necessary changes and tap on “Update”. Notably, this screenshot does not show any option to show tweet history.

Twitter hasn’t announced anything about the tweet history yet. According to a statement by Twitter spokesperson Anna Hubbatsch ledge“Nothing else to share at the moment other than what’s in it @TwitterComms. tweet from and this @JaySullivan. Tweet ofVice President of Consumer Products.”

Twitter’s much-awaited edit feature likely to track tweet history first appeared on BGR India.

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