Twitter user base grows to 238 million amid legal battle with Elon Musk


Despite posting a net loss of $270 million in its second quarter (Q2) this year, Twitter has reached 237.8 million users which is a significant increase amid the controversial Elon Musk acquisition.

The micro-blogging platform, which is locked in a tussle with Tesla CEO over the presence of bots/spam accounts on its platform, said it now has 237.8 million monetized daily active uses (MDAUs), up 16.6 million from the second quarter of last year. percentage is higher. ,

The company said late Friday it was “driven by the global conversation around growing product improvements and current developments.”

The average US mDAU for Q2 was 41.5 million, up 14.7 percent from the second quarter of last year.

“The average international mDAU for Q2 was 196.3 million, up 17.0 percent compared to Q2 of the previous year,” the company said.

Twitter defines mDAUs as people, organizations, or other accounts that logged in on any given day through, a Twitter application capable of serving ads, or paid Twitter products, including subscriptions or otherwise authenticated and accessed Twitter.

When Musk scrapped a $44 billion Twitter acquisition deal, the micro-blogging platform revealed it was suspending more than 1 million spam accounts a day.

The one million figure includes accounts that have been removed as they attempt to join the platform and are therefore never counted as daily users. The new figure represents twice that of its previous update.

Agarwal said in May that spam account suspensions were running at 500,000 a day.

Twitter has consistently said in its quarterly results since 2014 that it estimates its spam account problem to represent less than 5 percent of its daily active users, a figure that Musk never believed. The Musk-Twitter battle has now reached court, with a US court ordering a hearing to begin in October.

The trial will last five days – more than what Twitter demanded but less than Musk’s. Exact dates have not yet been determined.

Twitter user base grows to 238 million amid legal battle with Elon Musk, first appeared on BGR India.

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