Twitter screams and shows with its new font: Everything has changed here

Twitter goes chirpy with its new font and looks: Here   s all that   s changed

By now, you must have noticed a unique new font in your Twitter app or desktop browser client. It looks unique and airier, doesn’t it? Twitter calls this font “chirop” and the idea behind this font was to make your tweets look interesting but serious. The font was re-launched in January 2021 and Twitter has now started implementing it with some minor design changes.

In a detailed thread, Twitter says that with Design Refresh its goal was to focus more on your content. The buttons will now have a higher contrast color and have a new color palette for users who want to spice up their feed. Most changes, including the desktop version and the app, start today.

Twitter has got a new font

So far, we’ve seen new fonts applied to our desktop clients, and it’s reminiscent of the Google Sons font used on our Pixel phones. At first glance, the Chirop font looks clear in the title but requires adjustment when reading the content of the tweet.

“Today, we’ve revealed some changes to Twitter’s approach to the web and your phone. Although it may seem strange at first, these updates make us more accessible, unique and focused on you and what you are talking about, ”says Twitter.

“We’ve updated our colors to a higher contrast and much less blue – a change to focus on the photos and videos you create and share. We’ll be bringing new colors soon, giving you a new palette, ”added Twitter Design.

“Finally, we have cleared up a lot of visual chaos. There are less gray backgrounds and unnecessary dividing lines. We’ve expanded the space to make the text easier. It’s just the beginning of more visual updates because Twitter makes you more focused and that’s what you have to say! ”

Twitter recently shut down the Fleets feature after releasing it to everyone. The company said that despite its forecast, the fleets did not live up to their expectations. “We hoped the fleets would help more people feel comfortable joining the conversation on Twitter. But, since we introduced the fleet to everyone, we haven’t seen the number of new people join the conversation with the fleet at the time, as we had hoped, “Twitter said.

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